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Please find here information relating to APEEEL1

Statutes : APEEELUX 1 Statutes.pdf

Contact information Bureau : APEEEL1Contactinfo 2015-2016.pdf

Membership form / formulaire d'adhésionMembersformAPEEEL1.pdf

Dear Newcomers,

If you wish to become members of the APEEE's and your children will be arriving in school for the first time in September 2015, please could you mark the top of the application form with the line "new parent school year 2015-2016" and could you write the date of the payment as 01/10/2015

President of APEEEL1
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 APEEEL1 has a new website !
For all the latest information go to 

Enfants intellectuellement précoces
Article sur les spécificités d'apprentissage des enfants intellectuellement précoces : Article APEEE - Enfants HP (002).pdf 
Projet école propre

 Projet école propre: Projet Ecole propre note aux parents.pdf 
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  Dear parents, 

Class representatives are chosen during the first meetings Teachers/parents meetings of the school year.

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Canteen information Nov 2014 : Canteensuweb.pdf

 Canteen report Nov 2012: Lux1CanteenNov2012.pdf 

Educational Support Minimize

Parent-to-parent support

The Parents’ Associations of the two European Schools can advise the parents of children requiring educational support in a number of ways, for example by sharing information and helping them in their contacts with the Schools. There is a joint mailing list for parents to keep up-to-date on developments regarding educational support in Luxembourg.
If your child requires educational support, or you think that s/he might, or you just want to know what’s happening in terms of educational support, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

John Coughlan (costacoughlan@gmail.com)  

Marjo Kasanko (marjo.kasanko@gmail.com)    

To join the FAPEEEL educational support mailing list, just send an e-mail to: es.apeee.lux@gmail.com.

For more information regarding Educational support : Educational Support

Libraries Minimize
Detailed Information on Lux 1 libraries can be found on the school website (both for primary and secondary) www.euroschool.lu / Bibliothèques  


Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday: 8.30-16.25

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8.30-13.00

 Secondary   The library is situated in room A-008/009 

Opening hours :

 8.30 to 12.00 and 12.30 to 16.30 
(except on Friday, closed at 14.00).

Contact : Librarian : Mrs Delbrassinne

tel 43 20 82-238

Email : WEB_Secondary_library.lux1@euroschool.lu

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