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We are pleased to present the recent edition of APEEEL2’s FlashNews!
The main aim of our FlashNews is to provide all parents with information from the School-based Committees  in which APEEEL2 members are statutorily involved APEEEL2 Newsflash 3 2016.pdf

Zinal trip financial help documents

The form which should be used to make a request for financial assistance in relation to school trips can be downloaded. 
Those interested in making a request for financial assistance in connection with the School trip to Zinal should use this request form, ensuring that they attach all the necessary documentation. The request should be sent to  aide.sociale@eursc-mamer.lu by 17:00 on Monday 16 November 2015. Only complete dossiers will be considered. Financial assistance from APEEEL2 is also possible to paid-up members of the Association. Please contact APEEEL2 on office@apeeel2.lu if you need information on this.Those who wish their request APEEEL2 to also consider their request for financial assistance should indicate that this is the case on the request form itself. 

Vous trouverez ci-après le formulaire de demande d'aide financière pour les voyages scolaires.
Les parents intéressés par une subvention pour le voyage scolaire à Zinal sont priés de bien vouloir transmettre le formulaire ci-joint rempli ainsi que toutes les pièces justificatives à l’adresseaide.sociale@eursc-mamer.lu avant le lundi 16 novembre à 17h. Les dossiers incomplets ne pourront pas être traités.

Merci de noter qu’une aide financière peut également être accordée par l’APEEEL2 en plus de celle de l'Ecole aux parents qui sont à jour de leur cotisation auprès de l’Association. Vous pouvez, dès à présent, prendre contact avec l’APEEEL2 en écrivant à office@apeeel2.lu pour obtenir des informations. Si vous souhaitez que l'Association prenne en considération votre demande, veuillez l'indiquer sur le formulaire de demande à l'endroit prévu à cet effet."

Formulaire Assistance Voyages Scolaires v1EN.xlsx

Formulaire Assistance Voyages Scolaires v1FR.xlsx

Sample Formulaire Assistance Voyages Scolaires v1EN.pdf
FlashNews 2015/2016
Dear parents,

We are pleased to present the first edition 2015/2016 of APEEEL2’s FlashNews!
The main aim of our FlashNews is to provide all parents with information from the School-based Committees  in which APEEEL2 members are statutorily involved 

N°1 :  FlashNews1.pdf

FlashNews 2014/2015
 We are pleased to present the fourth edition of APEEEL2’s FlashNews!
The main aim of our FlashNews is to provide all parents with information from the School-based Committees  in which APEEEL2 members are statutorily involved

N°3: FlashN3.pdf

Morning coffee networking


Dear parents,

your are all warmly invited to join the Coffee Morning Networking initiative on every third Tuesdays of the month from 8.30am to 10.30am at the LUX2 Cafeteria.

15th September
20th October
17th November
15th December

It is your opportunity to meet other parents in a very casual way. We also allow you to share any information on a personal or professional or school related activity, a conference, a talk of common interest. Bring any written information, brochures or cards with you.

Please send your name per email coffeemorningnetworking@gmail.com

Opening Hours Secretarial Presence

  You can meet us at the APEEEL2 office, administration building on

Tuesday mornings, from 8h30 to 12h30.
Wednesday from 8h30 to 12h30 and from 14h to 16h
Thursday from 8h30 to 12h30

Just follow the signs ! 
Contact : office@apeeel2.lu

Parents please find here a call from Lux 2 administration about Health protocole : Users_112_12_112_Problemes _de sante.pdf
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   Dear parents, 

Information regarding Class delegates is provided to the APEEEL2 by school via teachers after the elections at the begining of each school year.
If you notice an error or missing information, please contact : office@apeeel2.lu 

   Maternelle and Primary Class delegates' meeting, January 2015 : Lux2Meetingfor Class Delegates19012015.pdf

Secondary Class delegates' meeting, February 2015 : APEEEL2 SecondClass Delegates 15-02-25.pdf   
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    Communication to parents / Comité cantine Lux 2

Janvier 2013 CantineLux2 janvier13.pdf

Consulting menus and information: 
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Parent-to-parent support

The Parents’ Associations of the two European Schools can advise the parents of children requiring educational support in a number of ways, for example by sharing information and helping them in their contacts with the Schools. There is a joint mailing list for parents to keep up-to-date on developments regarding educational support in Luxembourg. 
If your child requires educational support, or you think that s/he might, or you just want to know what’s happening in terms of educational support, please don’t hesitate to contact us:                                                                    

Fiona Kotziampasi (fiona.kotziampasi@eca.europa.eu)

Ingrid Schaus (ingschaus@gmail.com

To join the FAPEEEL educational support mailing list, just send an e-mail to: es.apeee.lux@gmail.com.

For more information : Educational Support 
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Detailed information on Lux 2 library is available on the school website : www.eursc-mamer.lu

Ouverture :  tous les jours de 8H15 à 16H30 sauf Mercredi (8h15-16h15)

Contact: Marina Marousi, bibliothécaire.
Téléphone: 273 224 4115

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