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Educational Support at the European schools in Luxembourg Minimize

All children are different and some may need extra support either at specific moments or throughout their school careers. The European Schools are required to provide educational support to children based on their specific needs, from special talents to physical or intellectual disabilities.

To join the FAPEEEL educational support mailing list, just send an e-mail to: es.apeee.lux@gmail.com

The European Schools’ policy

The European Schools adopted a new policy on educational support, which entered into force at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year and which combines and replaces its previous policies on learning support (LS) and special education needs (SEN) (it also deals with the linguistic needs of students without a language section (SWALS) but since the parents’ associations have dedicated SWALS reps, this aspect is not addressed here).

The European Schools’ new policy offers four categories of support:

  • General support is short-term assistance for pupils who may be experiencing difficulty in a particular aspect of a subject, may need to ‘catch up’ due to late arrival in school or illness or may be working in their non-mother tongue. It is based on a Group Learning Plan (GLP).
  • Moderate support is longer-term assistance for pupils with a mild learning difficulty or in need of more targeted support. It is based on an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).
  • Intensive support is provided for two distinct groups also based on an ILP:

A.   on an ongoing basis for pupils with special educational needs (SEN): learning, emotional, behavioural or physical needs.

B.   on a short-term basis for pupils without SEN but with an acute educational need, e.g. language to access the curriculum.

The European Schools’ official policy on educational support: http://www.eursc.eu/fichiers/contenu_fichiers2/1886/2012-05-D-14-en-7.pdf.

The European Schools’ official procedural document on the provision of educational support: http://www.eursc.eu/fichiers/contenu_fichiers2/1887/2012-05-D-15-en-8.pdf.

Individual European Schools are expected to draw up internal guidelines on the provision of educational support in the course of the 2013-15 school years.

Meetings Minimize
Minutes and information regarding Eucational support meetings

Minutes from 28th January 2015 : EducSupMeeting 022015.pdf.docx
Parents to Parents Support Minimize

The Parents’ Associations of the two European Schools can advise the parents of children requiring educational support in a number of ways, for example by sharing information and helping them in their contacts with the Schools. There is a joint mailing list for parents to keep up-to-date on developments regarding educational support in Luxembourg. If your child requires educational support, or you think that s/he might, or you just want to know what’s happening in terms of educational support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Lux 1:

John Coughlan (costacoughlan@gmail.com)  

Marjo Kasanko (marjo.kasanko@gmail.com)

Lux 2 : 

Fiona Kotziampasi (fiona.kotziampasi@eca.europa.eu)

Ingrid Schaus (ingschaus@gmail.com

Useful links and Documents Minimize

Lux 1 Secondary: http://www.euroschool.lu/luxschool/edu_support_en.htm

Lux2 :Types d'aide aux apprentissages FR(1).pdf


Dyspel asbl is a support group for families and professionals in Luxembourg with an interest in dyslexia and other special educational needs run entirely by volunteers.

  EC Disability Group. Brochure : ECDSGBROCHURE_Web.pdf

Contact and registration : ec-disability-support-group@ec.europa.eu
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