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  September 2012

 The last year saw Luxembourg 1 produce a spectacular school musical "Bye Bye Birdie" and participate in an orchestra exchange with a Finnish school choir to perform some joint concerts together. More than 100 pupils were involved in some way or another.
Our intentions to organise something this year are firm although it is not clear yet what exactly we will do and present this year, since we do not know how many pupils will want to join our choir or/and orchestra. And whilst there may not be a ‘musical’ this year Mr Morgan will be intending to make the choir experience rewarding to those participating. So join now ! NMorganposter.pdf

The choir and orchestra are both activities organised through the FAPEEEL activités périscolaires programme. Any questions may be referred to Mr Morgan but the applications to join need to be done through the activités périscolaires website.  

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Awaiting information September 2012
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