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Since 2012, each APEEEL organises its school fete.
All information related to these events are now on the association's dedicated page :
APEEEL1 Kirchberg / APEEEL 2 Mamer 


Below is a list of the type of help which is required for the European School summer fêtes, celebrating the diversity of cultures under our common banner. This way you can better understand what goes on behind the scenes in order that you can offer targeted help depending on your specific skills and availability.

Stand co-ordinator: Draw up a list of things to do and coordinate action with other stand volunteers.

Help set up stand first thing in the morning (requires lifting heavy tables)

Help take down stand at the end of the afternoon (ditto)

Bake something for the stand

Donate some food/drink for the stand

Make some traditional national crafts (cards, souvenirs, etc.) for sale at the stand

Donate non food items, which are made in your country for sale at the stand (e.g. head scarves, aprons, tea towels, etc.)

Help sell things at the stand for a couple of hours

Make suggestions to improve the stand

Think of ways to make the stand more attractive/different from previous years

Dress in national costume for the day

Provide a CD of national folksongs/music

Donate some publicity brochures about life in your country of origin

Please ask anyone who is willing to help in whatever capacity, to supply their e-mail address/phone number to you, and then pass these co-ordinates to the secretariat of the FAPEEEL: office@fapeeel.lu 

Of course, there are many other areas where your help will be welcome such as Tombola, Cashier at the Till, Bouncy castle, Bar etc. Just contact the secretariat of the FAPEEEL to see how you can be involved.


The 2011/2012 School fete was held Saturday 16th June.

Pictures and thank you to our sponsors : School fête


For information on the 2010/2011 School fair : schoolfair2010-2011.pdf 

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