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Children attending the European Schools in Luxembourg benefit from a series of residential school trips during the entire cycle. The pedagogic advantages of these trips are well recognised. The visits are fully integrated into the school curriculum. They provide an excellent opportunity to develop and mature in a controlled environment. They also provide some of the lasting memories of childrens’ school career. 

The role of the APEEE in the organisation of single class outings is limited, although class representatives may be involved to ensure the necessary pupil:adult ratio (max 15).

The APEEE would like to thank all such volunteers for their commitment.

Single class outings are supposed to be approved in advance by the school administration and recorded in a central register. 

All organisational and administrative details are available on the School's website:

Information Brochure ZINAL 2012http://www.eursc-mamer.lu/cms/images/stories/Docs/Primaire/Informations/Dossier%20information%20aux%20parents%202012-13%20Lux2.pdf
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