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September 2012 :
The mobility plan for the new school has now been operating for around 1 week. As for any new project of this magnitude the APEEE, ATSEE and the School will shortly be reviewing the way the transport system has been working together with other actors (Luxembourg authorities, bus companies), to see what can be improved. We have already received a number of comments to date. In order to help us process such contributions, please can you ask parents to send in their observations and suggestions using the enclosed form. We will try to strike a satisfactory balance between competing requests and the applicable constraints. Thank you for your cooperation. 
Form : Transportsuggestionsform.pdf

The APEE's Working group on transport issues : 
Description de l’accompagnement des bus scolaires : 2012-06-07_EELuxII_Accompagnement-des-bus (1).pdf
Pour faciliter le transport des enfants vers l’Ecole Européenne Luxembourg II, l’administration de l’école, l’APEEE et l’ATSEE vont
mettre en place, avec le soutien financier du Ministère du Développement Durable et des Infrastructures et en concertation avec le
Centre Polyvalent pour l’Enfance, un service de navettes entre 3 points de départ (Kirchberg, Gare de Luxembourg et Gasperich)
et le site de l’Ecole Européenne II à Mamer.

Text in English : 2012-06-07_EE_LuxII_Supervision_arrangements_on-buses..pdf

Emails exchange concerning the study centre : EMAIL EXCHANGE CPE.pdf 

Transport Lux 2, Information Meeting: 29th February 2012 - 19h - salle des fêtes Lux 1. 
Invitation_réunion de transport_29 02 2012.pdf

Progress towards a mobility plan for Mamer : AGM 2011
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