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Parents, please always state if your are Lux 1 or Lux 2 on your communications with us

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Membership of the APEEELs is open to any parent with children attending one of the European Schools in Luxembourg.

Amongst other things it gives parents the right to vote at General Meetings and in Elections, thereby allowing an input into policy-making. All parents are encouraged to become active members of the APEEEL of their school. The procedure is straightforward : simply complete the standard form and bank transfer and return this to the APEEEL secretariat. The form is available for download from this site (see above) and in paper format from the FAPEEEL secretariat. The annual membership fee is currently EUR 50 per family. This financial contribution helps finance the various activities organised by the APEEELs management committees during the year on behalf of the school community. Maximum use of volunteers is made, but some expenses are simply unavoidable. We look forward to your membership!



If you wish to become members of the APEEE's and your children will be arriving in school for the first time in September 2014, please could you mark the top of the application form with the line "new parent school year 2014-2015" and could you write the date of the payment as 01/10/2014. Thank you.

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 1. The annual membership fee is decided by General Assembly. It is currently EUR 50 per family. Only families with children attending the European School can apply for membership./ Le montant de l'adhésion est fixé par l'Assemblée Générale de l'APEEE.  Il est actuellement de 50 euros par famille. Seules les familles ayant un enfant à l'Ecole Européenne peuvent devenir membres.

 2. An application form is available for download from the APEEE website. It is reproduced in periodic issues of the AdParentes magazine. Paper copies are also available from the permanent secretariat. / Un formulaire d'adhésion est disponible sur ce site internet. Il est aussi reproduit dans les numéros de Ad Parentes. Un formulaire papier peut vous être adressé par le secrétariat sur demande.

 3. The form should be completed manually and returned to the permanent secretariat. The bank transfer instruction will be sent to the bank by the secretariat. On receipt of payment, a personal identification code will be issued. / Le formulaire doit être rempli à la main et retourné au secrétariat. C'est le secrétariat qui adresse à la banque l'ordre de virement. Une fois le paiement effectif enregistré un code personnel d'identification vous sera adressé pour avoir accès. 

 4. Unless the bank transfer instruction is cancelled, membership is automatically renewed each year./ A moins que le virement bancaire ne soit annulé, l'adhésion est renouvellée automatiquement chaque année.

 5. Membership is primarily an explicit statement of support for the work of the APEEE - however membership also confers certain advantages in terms of access to information and to actions organised by the APEEE./ Devenir membre est avant tout un soutien explicite au travail de l'APEEE. Cependant être membre confère certains avantages pour l'accès à l'information et aux actions organisées par l'association.

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