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Working Groups
Working groups' principles Minimize

(a)    7 broad themes each headed by a member of the Executive Bureau of the management committee, who is the formal contact for the school (and others) on issues within that theme.                

NB. In accordance with the APEEE Statutes, only the President, and in his absence the VP Admin Lux.1 or the VP Lux.2, can validly represent the APEEE externally and bind it with regard to third parties.

(b)   Each broad theme comprises a set of specific related working groups. The precise list can change from one year to another. Some are formal (eg. Education Council, Canteen Committee, Library Committee), others are more informal.

(c)    Each working group has a nominated chairperson, to convene preparation meetings, coordinate document drafting, etc.. In the absence of the Bureau member responsible for the broad theme to which that group belongs, the chairperson of that group can substitute as formal contact for the school (and others) on that specific work topic.

(d) Participation of co-opted members, without voting rights, is encouraged

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