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Each year, the FAPEEEL coordinates a scheme to permit interested families to get in touch with one another, if they wish to take advantage of the extraordinary linguistic potential of the European Schools in Luxembourg. The aim is to practise and improve children’s language skills outside official school hours within a family context and to regularly share leisure time with another child speaking a different native language. This opportunity primarily concerns children in 4th and 5th year primary and 1st and 2nd year secondary. It mainly concerns English, German and French languages, however some families offer or seek other languages as well.

The FAPEEEL would like to thank each family who took part in the 2010-2011 exercise, for which we received 123 registrations.

Don’t forget that the FAPEEEL also maintains a list of private tutors with various language and subject specialisms. Tutors wishing to be added to the list, or parents of children seeking a private tutor, should take contact with editor@fapeeel.lu.

Cross cutting activities organised by the FAPEEEL through the extracurricular programme may provide an additional opportunity to practice language skills.

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