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For development history of mobility plan to Mamer-Bertrange :
see "Ressources" box below

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- Map showing "VelOH" cycle hire and return coverage as at July 2012
velOH stations.pdf

- Multiple discussions during July 2012:

1. MAE.COCO (and Council of Ministers) and CALUX (DG HR) to finalise responsibilities for financing buses and navettes;
2. Local communes regarding transport for local residents;
3. Contacts with transport suppliers to finalise ATSEE routes and stops; price calculation
4. Confirmation of navette collection/delivery points;
5. Confirmation of supervisory arrangements at navette collection/delivery points;
6. Contact with VelOH company;
7. Contact with local communes regarding Pédibus and Vélobus initiatives;
8. Contact with OIL/CPE regarding transfer arrangements;

- Joint School/APEEE/ATSEE communication to parents 31 July 2012
Luxembourg II mobility plan 31-07-2012 16h00 maintext with appendices.pdf
Luxembourg II mobility plan 31-07-2012 16h00 maintext.pdf
Appendix I Bus and navette time tables EE2 31-07-2012 12h00.pdf
Appendix II selecting bus routes and stops.pdf
Appendix III bus safety guidelines.pdf
Appendix IV Some possible combined transport solutions.pdf
Appendix V Accompagnment-des-bus (version définitive publiée 2012-06-12) - traduction EN.pdf
Appendix VI car safety guidelines.pdf
Appendix VII mobility plan suggestions form.pdf
Appendix VIII mobility plans Lux1 and Lux2.pdf
Appendix IX ATSEE ENGLISH Forms 2012 13 altogether (INST and PRIV).pdf
Appendix X TARIFS ZONE privé 2012 2013 v31-07-2012.pdf


Some milestones in the transport discussions for the Luxembourg 2 school:

- Board of Governors meeting 2004 adopts vertical structure and Mamer location.

- Letter and annex highlighting potential transport and other problems associated with planned structure and location, Spring 2004, sent by APEEE to Luxembourg Minister of Education, President of Luxembourg Committee for Coordination with EU Institutions, European Commission Vice-President, Commission Directorate-General for Administration, Registrar of the European Court of Justice, President of the European Investment Bank, Secretary of the European Parliament, President of the European Court of Auditors.

- December 2005 information evening for parents
ESPAC&APEEE 200512.pdf

- Approximate analysis of family residential choices by language section, situation 2003.
ESPAC&APEEE 200512-geographical distribution.pdf

- Luxembourg government press conference 2007 presents budget envelope and architectural plans adopted.

- APEEE observations contributed to public hearing on Mamer-Bertrange "Plan d'Occupation du Sol", June 2007 
Observations POS mamer.pdf

- December 2007 Luxembourg law adopts budget for new school and associated transport infrastructure, including commitment to arrange public bus and train networks
2007-12-20 memorial.pdf
2007 detail loi No 5763 - extrait.pdf

- Construction of buildings at new site begins March 2009

- Lux.2 school provides anonymised data on residence, Spring 2011.  Analysis included in mobility plan presentation at AGM 2011.

- APEEE conducts mobility survey amongst parents, May 2011. Preliminary findings discussed at Admin.Board.

- ATSEE provide summary information about existing bus lines and stops to Kirchberg.

- Transport an important agenda point at Joint Lux.1&Lux.2 School Administrative Board meeting in Mamer, June 2011. 

- School/ATSEE/APEEE first mobility plan, June 2011.
Plan de mobilite (extrait du proces verbal GdT 21 juin 2011).pdf
- Strategic presentation by Luxembourg authorities at APEEE AGM 28.11.2011 (see also AGM 2011 page of this website).

- School presentation at CALUX (Heads of Administration of EU Institutions in Luxembourg) meeting, December 2011.

- Discussion of transport at CAS (Interinstitutional social affairs committee) meeting, January 2012.

- Strategic review at School Administrative Board meeting, February 2012.

- Transport article by APEEE president Ian Dennis in Ad Parentes magazine No.3 2011-12. Content includes an overview of mobility plan development to February 2012; restatement of 2007 user needs and principles; advice about walking and cycling to school; information sources about mass transit passenger solutions; brief history of ATSEE; information aout how bus routes and stops are chosen; school bus safety guidelines.
transport to and from school ADPAR 3-11-12 v20120220 FINAL.pdf

- Details of school bus services provided by Luxembourg authorities to Lycee Josy Barthel.

- Detailed presentation by Luxembourg authorities at Information Evening 29.2.2012
FICHES TRANSPORTS EE2 version 23-02-2012.pdf

- Some suggestions for buses/navettes (with adult supervision) running between Kirchberg and Mamer

- Supplementary suggestion for bus lines by Luxembourg authorities

- Detailed consultation of parents in Luxembourg 1 and Luxembourg 2 to identify concrete mobility plan to be implemented for September 2012 : analysis of survey results

- Information regarding planned supervision on buses/navettes
2012-06-07_EELuxII_Accompagnement-des-bus (1).pdf

- Discussions with MAE.COCO and with CALUX regarding financing arrangements. Public commitment from Minister Wiseler at press conference 27.6.2012

- Further discussions with Luxembourg authorities and ATSEE regarding bus routes: presentation of updated information at Lux.2 open day 30.6.2012
Lignes TS EE2_v3 for open day.pdf

- Information about intercommunal Strassen-Bertrange "deBUS" service
deBUS Bertrange-Strassen.pdf

- Background information about local commune bus services to local primary schools (Strassen, Bertrange, Mamer)
BARTRENG bus lines to local primary school.pdf
MAMER bus lines to local primary school 2011-2012.pdf
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