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Follow-up to the meeting on the reorganisation of studies in the secondary cycle addressed by the Deputy Secretary General of the European Schools, Mr Marcheggiano, 11.12.13

 Dear parents,

As a follow-up to the meeting organised by the European Commission last Wednesday with the Deputy Secretary General of the European Schools, Mr Giancarlo Marcheggiano, in the presence of the Directors of the European Schools in Luxembourg, Mrs Vassilacou and Mr de Tournemire, we have been asked by the school to distribute the copy of the Deputy Secretary General’s presentation  (Organisation of studies in the secondary cycleLux Dec (2).pdf).

 One of the parents present at the meeting asked whether the working group responsible for the proposal for reogranisation had had the opportunity to discuss any alternative proposals to the proposal on Maths. The answer given by Mr Marcheggiano was that no alternative proposal for Maths was available. An alternative proposal for the rest of organisation has however been put forward. We are hoping that the working group which will be preparing the documentation on which the external evaluation, which will hopefully also include an impact assessment, will now consider this alternative proposal ( Interparents Alternative Proposal - BoG - November 2013.pdfInterparents Analysis of Proposal - BoG - November 2013.pdf)

 Please do write to us with any comments and/or feedback both on aspects of the Deputy Secretary General’s presentation, but especially on the alternative proposal and its analysis attached.

 Best regards,

 Sandra Vella                       Monique Loos                   Monique Breton
President Lux 2                 President Lux 1                 Secretary General - FAPEEEL


Invitation to 11th December 2013 meeting Invit-11122013.pdf

On Monday 18th November, 12h45 to 14h30,  the deputy Secretary General of the European Schools, Mr Marcheggiano adressed parents on this issue  from Brussels. The event was video streamed live by the Commission, internet link :http://scic.ec.europa.eu/streaming/index.php?es=2&sessionno=b65f2ecd2900ba6ae49a14d9c4b16fb4.  
Letter FAPEEEL :  VideoSecReformsletter.pdf

Interparents Petition
: InfoPetitionNov2013.pdf 
FR: Petition_FR.pdf
DE : Petition_DE.pdf
ES: Petition ES.pdf

Background information : 

Nov2013 SecReformsletter.pdf

Questions sent for 18th November meeting: ReformQuestionsmeeting181113.pdf
Letter FAPEEEL : LettreFAPEEEL18 Nov2013.pdf 

Current organisation of secondary Cycle : 2013-09-D-17-en-2ANNEXII-CurrentOrganisationStudiessecondary.pdf

Proposals for new organisation :

EN :  2013-09-D-17-en-2ProposalOrganisationsecondarycycleWG.pdf  /  2013-09-D-17-en-2ANNEXIProposalOrganisationsecondarycycleWG.pdf

FR: 2013-09-D-17-fr-3-Propositionétudessecondaire.pdf / 2013-09-D-17-fr-3-AnnexeI-PropositionOrganisationsecondaire.pdf / 2013-09-D-17-fr-3AnnexII+GTOrganisationnactuelle.pdf

Interparents association link : http://www.interparents.eu

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